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It is hard to gain people's attention and build trust...

Let's face it, we are all constantly bombarded with messages that compete for a slice of our attention. Whether it's for marketing purposes, sales, recruiting or just networking, cutting through the clutter and gaining people's trust is more difficult than ever. Like everyone else, we struggled to get the most highly sought after prospects and candidates to consistently respond to traditional one-to-one outreach (email, phone calls, and voice mail) and felt there must be a better way.

So, for three years we studied and tested different tools, technologies, and methods. We examined social media, branding, communications, consumer behavior, web 2.0 technologies, and digital engagement. We attended conferences & webinars; read books, white papers, & studies; and exchanged ideas with the brightest people we could find.

We tested, tested, tested. We kept what worked and discarded what didn't. When we felt we had the best formula for one-to-one engagement (based on the positive response from our audience), we packaged it all together and launched InsideConnector.

InsideConnector began in 2009 as a division of Concourse Services, Inc., (www.concourseinc.com) a business consulting firm based in Atlanta, Georgia.



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